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One、The founder of South: Mr. Fang Yiming learned how to make mold from a master in 1977. Below is the photo of young Mr. Fang Yiming.


Two、On 11th, March, 1983, Mr. Fang Yiming rent 5 rooms to start mold making and plastic injection company.

Original factory

Three、In 1986, South started to cooperate with Hangzhou Panasonics. Panasonics Twin-Tub washing machines used full-plastic Dehydration Tub from South and we sent several technicians to assemble in the site of Panasonics workshop.
Note: 1 set Balance Ring Welding Machine, 1 set Injecting Salty Water Machine

Upper Ring of Balance Ring,

Lower Ring of Balance Ring            Joint upper and lower rings
                                                            together, start to weld

Taking out the balance ring after welding
Computerized Balance Ring Welding Machine

The joint of upper and lower balance ring for dehydration tub is controlled by computer, after rubbing when the heat temperature is reached, the rings will be welded firmly and never leak.

After rubbing welding, put the balance ring in the machine                         
start to inject the salty water
Computerized Injecting Salty Water Machine

  Mixing the salt and water with certain percentages, the machine will inject salty water into the balance ring to create a best dehydration effect.

  During the 1980-1990s, most of the molds for full-plastic dehydration tub and full-plastic dehydration tubs were manufactured by South.

Four、In 1992, South invented full-plastic dehydration machine, the brand we produced “Hele” had reached annual production of 800,000 sets dehydration machines. The machines were sold popular in Guangdong, Fujian provinces and areas in North of China. South was the largest dehydration machine manufacturing base.

Hele Brand Full-Plastic Dehydration Machine

Five、In 1997, South was fully equipped with professional personnel from group leader to General Manger. After 4 months evaluation, we passed ISO9002 International Quality Management System.


Six、Full-Plastic Tub-Wall jointed Twin-Tub washing machine was developed by Mr. Fang Yiming and company’s engineers in 1997 and we got the National patent in 1998. In 1999, such Full-Plastic Tub-Wall jointed Twin-Tub washing machine entered the market and eliminated the old washing machines that using Steel-Al materials, which saved lots of Steel and Al materials for the country (The price of imported plastic was only about 4000RMB/ton at that time).
Note: Photos of Full-Plastic Tub-Wall jointed Twin-Tub washing machine; Photo of National patent

6KG Twin-Tub washing machine

8KG Twin-Tub washing machine

Seven、In 2000, Vice-Chairman of All China Federation of Trade Unions, Mr. Lu Zhangong visited South with directors of Ningbo City.


Eight、In 2002, after severe selection, Samsung chose to cooperate with South to produce OEM washing machines for them. Since then, the washing machines we made for Samsung entered into dozens of countries worldwide.


Nine、Until 2013, both of the domestic and international sales increased rapidly. The stable excellent quality has been approved by all the customers.



  From the RMB15,000 annual output value in 1983 to RMB450,000,000 annual output value in 2012; from renting 5 rooms to start a company in 1983 to owning 93,000 square meters land and 110,000 square meters construction, South changed every year for another 30 years development. Quality is the life of the enterprise, since the date of the company, we never loosed every single step of the quality control. Once the company is recognized by the market, the company would be recognized by the government. Improving the construction of spiritual civilization and company culture. Under General Manger, Mr. Fang Leilei’s lead, South will create more mutual benefits for all of us!